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Proudly helping Sudbury and the Valley since 2009

Founded in 2009 as a massage therapy clinic, we have evolved to include more services that help our clients move toward wellness.

Our dedicated team is here to help you move and feel your best. We are your teammates in your journey towards better health. 

We make our community a better place, one person at a time.

Meet the Team

Jessica practises therapeutic and deep tissue massage for various chronic and acute conditions.

She uses a variety of modalities and techniques to help clients with pain management, mobility and injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.


Jessica Ross

19 Appointments Available Weekly 

Renee enjoys seeing a variety of clients for relaxation and therapeutic treatments.

She likes incorporating hydrotherapy in her treatments, when necessary, such as hot stones and hot towels.. 
Bilingual English/Français.


Renée Valade- Ross

9 Appointments Available Weekly

Jessica performs Swedish Massage and enjoys seeing a variety of clients for therapeutic treatments, relaxation, deep tissue and prenatal massage.

Incorporating hydrotherapy in her treatments, when necessary, such as hot stones, hot towels and hydrocollator packs.


Jessica Wilger

14 Appointments Available Weekly

David has 10+ years of experience specializing in therapeutic, Swedish, deep tissue, and prenatal massage.


His treatment plans are designed around clients' goals such as pain management, mobility, and injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.

David is certified in Therapeutic Ultrasound and Mobility Taping


David Ludgate

30 Appointments Available Weekly

Christine will assist you with your therapeutic goals – reducing stress, relieving chronic pain, speeding recovery from illness/injury or relaxation.

She offers customized treatments to meet your needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques as well as remedial stretching and strengthening exercises.


Christine McNabb

12 Appointments Available Weekly

Specializing in therapeutic massage, swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and prenatal massage.


Her passion for helping others achieve optimal health is very important when creating her clients' treatment plans geared to each client to help relieve pain and tension and bring back balance in the body


Kate Cardinal

9 Appointments Available Weekly

Katie started her career in her hometown of Kirkland Lake, managing her massage clinic and teaching in the massage therapy program at Northern College before relocating to Hanmer.

She offers treatment plans based on individual needs, including therapeutic and relaxation techniques.


Katie Sinclair

21 Appointments Available Weekly (starting 2024)

Wendy brings an abundance of administrative and healthcare-related experience to our clinic.

Since 2010, she has been instrumental in establishing, maintaining, and streamlining the varied tasks and duties that allow our workplace to function professionally and efficiently.

She embraces any opportunity to communicate with our clients.

Clinic Administrator

Wendy Thoma


Jennifer Almenar Thoma

Since starting the clinic in 2009 Jennifer has continued to evolve with the guiding belief that the future of healthcare is self care.


After over 10 years she retired as an RMT and has dedicated her practice to developing a new form of Active Therapy and helping people discover their body's hidden potential. 

Jennifer is available for Active and Relax Therapy Bookings


Jennifer Almenar Thoma

Founding the Clinic in 2009 as a self-practice, Jennifer specializes in Active and Relax Therapy.

About the Clinic

Our spacious 3000 sq/ft clinic is open and easy to maneuver, with wheelchair accessibility to accommodate all clients no matter what their physical needs.


Extra large rooms allow parents or caregivers to comfortably sit in on treatments if requested.

Ample parking with wheel chair accessibility.

extra large rooms



____sq clinic


  • Not at the moment, we provide a receipt that you can submit after the appointment

  • Yes, we are a clinic for the whole family. We provide prenatal and infant massage! Did you know, we can even teach you to massage and stretch your kids or partner to increase the active benefits of your therapy

    1. Easy online booking. 

    2. Leave a phone message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    3. Therapists can book your appointments in advance for your convenience.

    1. Check your inbox, we send you an email once your appointment is booked so you can add the appointment to your schedule. 

    2. Fill out the applicable forms - To make sure you get to experience the whole appointment time, please fill these out in advance.

    3. Think about your treatment goals / purpose of your treatment.

    4. Wear comfortable clothing

  • At Evolve Active, your RMT is your Healthcare Concierge. This means every aspect of your treatment can be handled by your therapist. From booking to payment your therapist is there to make sure there is always secure and professional communication between client and therapist.

  • We recommend you pay with an e-transfer because credit and debit payments incur a surcharge

    1. E-transfers - send to

    2. Debit & Credit Payments 

      • ​Payments with Visa or Mastercard credit cards have a surcharge of 2.4%.

      • Interac Debit Payments have a convenience fee of 0.75%.

  • Yes, you can!

    1. If you would like to pay for someone's upcoming appointment e-transfter is available. 

    2. We provide gift certificates that can be purchased online.

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